Wow: Watch What These College Students Have to Say About Their Female Conservative Classmates

Posted: Sep 29, 2017 5:10 PM

Our friends over at Campus Reform and Network of enlightened Women released a video on Friday featuring college students giving their candid opinion about how they feel about conservative women. The video was filmed at George Washington University. 

Spoiler alert: people did not have the kindest thoughts. While some people seemed to empathize with the plight of conservative women on campus, saying that they basically were forced into silence, others said that they viewed conservative women as "anti-women" and "not educated." Another said that she felt as though women had to be liberal, as there's still not equality in the world. 

Watch the full video below:

While these comments sure are blunt, as a former conservative female college student, I can't say they're all too shocking. While my political views were inadvertently revealed to my classmates when a piece I wrote went viral, I don't envy conservatives of either gender on a college campus today and probably would try to keep thoughts under wraps as much as possible. It was somewhat startling that one of the people in the video couldn't think of a single conservative woman she knew off the top of her head. This is sad--living in an echo chamber isn't exactly the healthiest approach to life, and people (myself included) benefit from having friends with a variety of opinions.

With speakers now being shouted down and forced to cancel their events due to safety concerns, it's apparent that things have changed pretty dramatically even in the four years it has been since I was a college student. This isn't good, and things don't look as though they'll be changing for the better any time soon. 

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