Steve Bannon Confirmed To Be Returning to Breitbart Post-WH

Posted: Aug 18, 2017 6:25 PM
Steve Bannon Confirmed To Be Returning to Breitbart Post-WH

Steve Bannon has returned to Breitbart News following his departure from the White House, where he served as President Donald Trump's chief strategist. Bannon will assume the role of Executive Chairman of Breitbart News. Bannon's time with Trump administration ended on Friday, and it's unclear as to if he resigned or was fired. 

The main header on currently is trumpeting Bannon's return to the news agency, saying he is a "populist hero" who has "returned home."

Bannon took over Breitbart News in 2012, following the death of founder Andrew Breitbart. 

Bannon told Bloomberg's Joshua Green that he was prepared to "go to war" for President Trump.

In Friday's editorial call, CEO Larry Solav said that Bannon's return will "accelerate" the site's rate global expansion. Currently, Breitbart has bureaus in London, Texas, California, and Jerusalem, in addition to its main website. 

While many people expected Bannon to return to Breitbart, it's still rather surprising that it only took a couple of hours to do so.