Just Clueless

Posted: Nov 06, 2009 5:20 PM
As Garrett points out below, Robert A. George makes some good points in discussing President Obama's incredibly dismissive initial reaction to yesterday's shootings at Fort Hood.

Today, the President tried it again.  Sadly, the results weren't much better.  Speaking this morning, President Obama's main message to an American public reeling from this act of mass murder was an admoninition to avoid "jumping to conclusions before we have all the facts."

Now, it's refreshing to see how much the President has learned since his own display of "jumping to conclusions" last summer, when the matter concerned his friend, Professor Gates, and Gates' allegations of racism against a white police officer. 

But with the warning about "jumping to conclusions" this morning, we all know what Obama's really saying here: Look, you bigots, don't start making the ugly assumptions you're prone to making, just because the killer was Muslim

It's all very reminiscent of a few of the nitwits in the wake of 9/11, whose primary (and unjustified) concern seemed to be that a bunch of haters would immediately start lynching anyone of Arab descent in this county in response to the attacks on America.

And it's remarkable how little insight this President has about the true nature of the country he leads, does he?
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