"She Won't Be Stopped"

Posted: Mar 06, 2008 9:31 AM
That's what an aide to Hillary Clinton said about the candidate in this piece appearing this morning in the Washington Post -- a chilling message, indeed.  The report on the assorted feuds among Clinton's staff is a reminder of the pieces that used to appear with tiresome regularity during Bill Clinton's tenure, detailing one dysfunction or another in the West Wing.

During her husband's presidency, Hillary used to get credit for being the person who brought some cohesiveness and order to the chaos.  But with all the well-canvassed reporting about the power struggles, feuds and just downright fighting in Hillary's Arlington headquarters, one's tempted to wonder about both her judgment and her management skills.

Sure, she may admire the Abraham Lincoln model of having staffers with competing views -- as the article tells us -- but that's not quite the same as tolerating ongoing infighting that's clearly injurious to her campaign.  If she's willing to put up with this sort of behavior, and she can't even run her own campaign properly, is she really the person that America should put in charge of the entire federal bureaucracy?

Reporters and political junkies may lap up every juicy detail about what's gone (or going) wrong, who's to blame, and who's blaming whom.  But in the end, isn't this all just a really big distraction -- one that's likely only to grow worse were Hillary to win?