WATCH: Two-Man Band Brings Uplifting Music to a Neighborhood During Coronavirus Quarantine

Posted: Apr 04, 2020 7:00 PM

Roommates Dominique Burton and Benjamin Kosberg decided to take their brass instruments and hit the street to cheer up their neighbors who have been on lockdown due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

“I was getting stir-crazy at home, so I said let’s just go play,” 28-year-old Benjamin Kosberg told St. Louis Today. “That was all we really planned.”

“It was all spur of the moment,” roommate Dominique Burton said. “We’d end a song when we got to the end of the street and would just say, ‘Uh, OK pick another direction.'”

They played a range of songs, including “Do Watcha Wanna” and “Lovely Day." When neighbors heard the two men outside playing their instruments, they would clap and sing along from their front porches and sidewalks, all while keeping a six-feet distance from others.