Apparently Joe Biden Thinks the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Is the Perfect Time to Ask for Donations

Posted: Mar 30, 2020 7:30 AM
Apparently Joe Biden Thinks the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Is the Perfect Time to Ask for Donations

Source: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Millions of people are out of work, kids are being home schooled and our economy is tanking because of the Wuhan coronavirus. In fact, Congress had to pass a massive stimulus package to provide some sort of economic relief to Americans and small businesses across the nation.

Despite all that, former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign seems to think now is the perfect time to ask for political donations. After all, if people can't afford their rent or to buy groceries, surely they have enough cash to spend on political donations.


You’ve heard me say this before, but one of the parts of running for president that I enjoy the least is asking for money.

And especially right now, when charities, health organizations, and local businesses deserve it so much. And the needs of yourself and your family have never been more important.

But, the truth is that it takes an incredible amount of money to sustain and cement a winning campaign.

Why? Because right now we are working tirelessly to both compete in and win these later primary states against Bernie Sanders as well as plant the seeds for a general election campaign against Donald Trump.

That takes a ton of resources. But the good news is that, thanks to all of you, we still have the resources to keep this campaign running. And we’ve already gotten 45,000 online grassroots donations and are well on our way to our goal of 100,000 donations in these final days.

So I mean it when I say that another donation from you today could put us over the top on both this next big fundraising goal and securing this nomination and taking the fight to Donald Trump. Can you pitch in $5 now?

I know we ask for contributions a lot, but the support and generosity from this grassroots team is the only way that we are going to secure the Democratic nomination and defeat Donald Trump.

And that’s the truth.

So thanks again for being on this team with me. I’m so grateful for your commitment to helping us win this year. The fate of our nation is counting on us.

Let’s keep fighting,

Joe Biden

This is low, even for creepy Uncle Joe. At least Sen. Bernie Sanders' recent campaign email was encouraging people to make donations to non-profits (even if they are leftist ones).