Former Navy SEAL Who Was The Target of a Disgusting SNL 'Joke' Responds With Pure Class

Beth Baumann

11/4/2018 6:30:00 PM - Beth Baumann

Decorated war veteran and Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw was used as part of a disgusting Saturday Night Live skit where "comedian" Pete Davidson talked about Crenshaw's eye patch. The worst part of the entire thing? Crenshaw lost his eye when an IED went off during a tour in Afghanistan.

Here's the skit:

Davidson received deep criticism for his "joke." Many people took to Twitter to condemn Davidson for joking about something that most people don't find funny.

Crenshaw finally chimed in and what he had to say was perfection:

Crenshaw is right. Our men and women who write blank checks with their lives deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. Making fun of a man who lost an eye while serving his country is not only disgusting but it's unAmerican. It goes against everything American stands for. Davidson and his supposedly comedic writers need to do some deep soul searching. And they need to look for better content elsewhere. Perhaps they should look in the mirror?