Another Dem With Tax Problems: Meet Scott Murphy

Posted: Feb 03, 2009 3:47 PM
Scott Murphy, the Democrat running for New York’s 20th open seat, is sure to be wincing at all the attention on President Obama’s appointment picks who failed to pay their taxes.

Murphy is opposing Republican Jim Tedisco for the seat vacated by Democratic Rep. Kristin Gillibrand and the GOP already has their hands full of opposition research.

The New York Department of Taxation put out a lien in Murphy’s Small World Software Company in 1999 for $20,805. He paid up but the state had two other liens, worth about $750 combined, still outstanding.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee issued a statement saying Murphy was “taking lessons in tax evasion from his party’s elite.”

Murphy isn’t being forthright about his role in creating a foreign web business, called, either. The GOP feels his experience with this conflicts with his message about job creation in the U.S. and Murphy insists he was only an advisor to the start-up.

Cached pages of the website, however, list Murphy as the site’s founder. This reference was deleted from the page days before Murphy announced his candidacy.