North Korea Off the Terror Watch List

Posted: Jun 26, 2008 8:09 AM
A huge breakthrough was made towards warming relations with North Korea's communist regime early this morning.

President Bush announced he will be lifting some sanctions off one of the countries he named part of an "axis of Evil" now that North Korea has submitted their nuclear declaration to China, thereby pledging to take the first steps towards denuclearization.

The announcement was made in a 7:40 am Rose Garden speech.

"North Korea has pledged to disable all its nuclear facilities and tomorrow will destroy the cooling tower of the Yongbyon reactor. North Korea also pledged to declare its nuclear activities," President Bush said. "This information will be essential to verifying that North Korea is ending all of its nuclear programs and activities."

If North Korea follows through on these actions the nation will be removed from the United States terror list within 45 days and some trade sanctions against North Korea under the Trading with the Enemies Act will be lifted.