Governor Northam's Charlottesville Tweet Displays Either Gross Arrogance Or Pure Stupidity

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 3:05 PM
Governor Northam's Charlottesville Tweet Displays Either Gross Arrogance Or Pure Stupidity

Source: AP Photo/Steve Helber

Today is the second anniversary of the horrific protests that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. No, it wasn’t a protest. It was a brawl between the far-right and Antifa. It was ugly. One woman, Heather Heyer, was killed when a white nationalist ran her down in his car. It sparked another wave of media criticism against President Trump. What else is new? Whatever this man says, it’ll never be good enough because the media hates Trump. We all know this, but we’re past that now, especially with this incident. 

What’s incredible though is that Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam decided to tweet some remarks about this day saying, “We must also renew our commitment to promoting tolerance and true inclusion, both in our Commonwealth and across our country.”

Yeah, either Northam is a complete or total idiot whose lack of self-awareness knows no bounds or his arrogance hovers around levels not seen since Emperor Nero’s reign. Northam admitted to wearing blackface for a dance competition in the 1980s. Virginia’s State Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to doing the same. Northam’s nickname at the Virginia Military Institute was “coonman.” Northam’s yearbook page at Virginia Eastern Medical showed one man in blackface with another person in full Ku Klux Klan regalia. And this man thinks he’s some moral authority on inclusion and tolerance? 

By the Left’s standards, Northam should have been chased away from public life. He was not a kid when these incidents occurred, especially in the yearbook photo. Each graduate personally submitted the photos prior to publication. A blackface-wearing man who is possibly the Klan man in his yearbook photo is the one we should all look up to on a day like this. Like hell, folks.

Northam is privileged that he’s a Democrat. If this were a Republican administration, whoever occupied the governor’s mansion would have been rightfully given the boot. We haven’t forgotten that you’ve turned the state into a joke, governor or that you threw the government into chaos. It remains that way. Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has been slapped with two credible allegations of rape.

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These clowns are the ones who are leading the state. It’s a total disgrace. And Northam can shove whatever he says on the matter. The only reason he remains in office is that Democrats don’t want the Republicans to take the governor’s mansion, which would happen if any action to remove Northam is undertaken. If one goes, they all have to go, and Democrats would rather focus on keeping power than holding two blackface-wearing clowns and an accused rapist accountable. Now, yes, Fairfax deserves due process, but that’s what conservatives preach, not the Democrats. We’re playing by their rules, boys and girls.