Poll: Just 18% Claim to be "Better Off" Under Obamacare

Posted: Jul 27, 2014 9:00 AM

We wrote this poll up several days ago. But perhaps it merits some additional attention on a slowish news weekend.

For starters, there can be no doubt that some Americans have benefitted enormously from the Affordable Care Act. As Guy previously noted, the uninsured who’ve finally obtained coverage (or qualified for subsidies or suffered from preexisting conditions), are only some of the law’s intended beneficiaries. On the other hand, when determining the overall success of any government overhaul, one must always consider its functionality, its costs, and, indeed, whether or not it even helps people.

And on that last score, most Americans aren't especially impressed. Take, for example, a new CNN poll, which also undermines claims advanced by some that "people love" Obamacare.

Check out the left-hand column below:

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