'That Face' Surpasses Trump in New Hampshire

Cortney O'Brien
Posted: Sep 19, 2015 12:25 PM
'That Face' Surpasses Trump in New Hampshire
Donald Trump will certainly want to take a closer 'look at that face' now that Carly Fiorina has surpassed him in a new New Hampshire poll. In a Voter Gravity survey conducted the day after Wednesday night's second presidential GOP debate, Fiorina comes out on top:

In Voter Gravity’s latest presidential flash poll through touchtone phone responses, we surveyed 2,839 New Hampshire Republican Primary Voters the day after the CNN Debate, and they put Carly Fiorina in the top spot at 22%.

The new frontrunner outpaces Trump by a full four points. Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson took third place with 10 percent, while Govs. Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee came in at the bottom with 2 percent each.

Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, has been impressing voters ever since her dominating performance at the first GOP debate on Aug. 6, where she participated in the earlier debate with the bottom polling candidates. Her standout moment gave her a significant rise in the polls and catapulted her to the main stage last week at the Reagan Library.

It's no secret how important New Hampshire is in the race to the White House. As the first primary in the election year, a victory there could pay off huge dividends in the long run. Yet, it is still very early in the campaign season. We still have 16 GOP candidates and almost ten debates left before Americans make up their mind. Until then, Fiorina should enjoy her current surge. Her powerful way of communicating her conservative message seems to be resonating with voters.

As for that Trump comment I alluded to in the opening sentence, in which he appeared to be making a derogatory statement about Fiorina's looks, it's worth revisiting her cool response at Wednesday's debate: