These Donald and Melania Trump Costumes Are Absolute PERFECTION

Posted: Nov 01, 2017 5:50 PM
These Donald and Melania Trump Costumes Are Absolute PERFECTION

We’ve found it: the hands-down best Donald Trump and Melania costumes from this Halloween.

The post reads: "Mr. President and the First Lady!! P.S. All in good fun! God Bless America #Happy Halloween." 

The adorable duo belongs to Washington Capitals right-winger T.J. Oshie. The hockey player posted the photo of his two young daughters to Instagram Tuesday afternoon, and (most) people quickly fell in love.

"This is goals," wrote one user.

"They win Halloween!" wrote another. 

"Hands down, the best of 2017," declared another.

We couldn’t agree more. Just look at those chubby, orange cheeks, and that perfect hair swoop. And that sassy smile mini Melania is giving: spot on.

The resemblance is uncanny. 

Of course, some Instagram users were triggered by the innocent costumes, even though Oshie made sure to specify in his post that it was meant to be "all in good fun."

"Sorry if I don’t think dressing up baby girls as a sexual predator and a former nude model is sweet or funny," one person complained.

"I’m sure back in the mid-1930s people thought dressing a kid up as Hitler and Eva was cute, too," posted another. 

We're sure if the kiddies were wearing a pantsuit and a perfectly coiffed blonde wig, there wouldn't be any complaints.

Regardless, these tiny Trumps get our vote.