Ferguson and Mainstream Media Malfeasance

Posted: Aug 19, 2014 11:00 AM

Liberals are always touting their anti-war credentials denouncing its toll on human lives. But in Ferguson, there is one war they can’t seem to promote enough—race war.

I’m as black as Obama, which means I’m half white, half black. And I’m fully sick and tired of the race hucksters masquerading as “journalists”. Honestly, we live in litigation-happy society, but someone should sue for mainstream media malfeasance.

Perhaps liberal journalists are disappointed that the Trayvon Martin tragedy didn’t erupt into a civil war as they had expected. Even the Obama administration is doing what it can to reinforce the false narrative that white-on-black crime is epidemic. The truth? According to the FBI, 91 percent of blacks murdered were killed by other blacks. Where’s the outrage? Where are the opportunist vultures who swoop down any time there is a perceived white-on-black crime? Why aren’t these lives mourned and the same-race perpetrators blamed?

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama (both of mixed racial lineage) have complained that they themselves are victims of white-on-black racism. Criticism against this administration could only possibly be because they’re (partially) black. It couldn’t possibly be because of sheer incompetence, far-left ideology and social actions, or seizing unconstitutional authority.

But race is the easy scapegoat. And it creates great visuals for mainstream media who likes to pretend that we’re still in the early 1960s and nothing’s changed for black people. It’s as if they want to incite riots. MSNBC’s sorry excuse for a news commentator, Melissa Harris Perry, made the absurd and deeply racist claim, in a cringe-worthy monologue, that black men today are treated the same as during Dred Scott days. Well, that explains the slave auction I saw in DC the other day.

Many media outlets are decrying the fact that whites are in power in Ferguson. Never mind they don’t mention that these “whites” were all elected and are all Democrats, from the Mayor to the City Council to the Governor’s office. And having liberal black so-called “leadership” doesn’t exactly fare better. Just ask Detroit.

It’s not power structure that is the root of the problem in the black community. It’s family structure. Most black children, 72.3 percent, are born into homes without fathers. Father absence has a profound effect on any community, and we see the devastation in our urban communities with poorer educational and economic outcomes.

But the racialization doesn’t stop there. Alan Colmes’ website, LiberaLand, made this outrageous claim about officer Wilson and the death of Michael Brown: "The Ku Klux Klan and a growing group of angry white people are raising reward money for the murder of ‘typical low-IQ Negro’ Michael Brown. Wilson is already on course to make tens of thousands of dollars for his deed."

After rioting had already begun, the NAACP (which is suing me for accurately parodying their name) tweeted this gem (which has since been removed), proving how irrelevant yet incendiary they can be: “#MikeBrown When someone outside of our race commits murder we want upheaval but we need same for all murder.”

No, NAACP. We don’t need upheaval. We need peace. We need non-violence. We need racial harmony. We need justice.

We don’t know all the facts of the case. Was there a struggle for the cop’s gun? Did Michael Brown rush the cop? Or was he killed in cold blood? It seems the evidence is mounting against Michael Brown’s innocence.

And to add more craziness to chaos, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, injected herself into the Ferguson tragedy. Keep in mind, this is someone who derives her $583,000 annual salary from the nation’s largest abortion chain whose home city, NYC, aborts more black babies than are born alive. On Facebook she lamented: “Heartbroken by the event unfolding in #Ferguson. A parent’s right to raise their child in love and safety, and to dream that their child will have every opportunity in the world to grow into a fiercely independent adult is a fundamental issue of reproductive justice.”

Touching if it weren’t from the Abortionist-in-Chief. “Reproductive Justice” is all about hurting and killing a child in the womb. And yet this grossly misguided “movement”, bolstered by Planned Parenthood, thinks that people will somehow care for life, better, once outside of the womb. Richards’ post included ironic artwork from a pro-abortion project to repeal the prolife Hyde Amendment (denying taxpayer dollars to fund abortion) declaring: “You deserve to parent your child without fear that he or she will be hurt or killed. Freedom from violence is reproductive justice.”

Abortion is violent. Ferguson is the type of community and situation that pro-abortion activists claim no child should have to grow up in. So, Planned Parenthood has been trying to eliminate those lives for decades with its abortion clinic dominance (79 percent) in predominantly black areas. This has led to abortion becoming the number one killer (over 363,000 annually) in the black community—not “unarmed” deaths caused by police.

Michael Brown didn't need to die. But like Trayvon Martin, his death is being exploited for a bigger agenda of distraction and division.

Liberals, black and white, promote violence in the womb and outside of it. In Ferguson, they are stoking racial fires in the form of resentment and riots that do nothing but steal hope and possibility from the black community.