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As it turns out the secularists on the two Left Coasts of America aren’t just missing the boat on quality programming, but a quality market as well. Apparently unbeknownst to the Tinsel Town crowd, there is a definite interest in messages that don’t denigrate, titillate or enrage the American public.

In case you missed it, thirty thousand people took 110 ten shuttle busses from six different parking lots to hear Tim Tebow in Texas on Easter Sunday. Thirty thousand people. Like Occupy Wall Street but with law abiding people who love the Lord and who know how to pick up after themselves. Thirty thousand people came to hear Tebow say that no matter if he wins or loses he still honors his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Bear in mind, there was not one thousand people, or even ten thousand people.

And don’t tell me they all showed up simply because Tebow’s name is in the sports pages. Everyone knows why Tebow’s name is newsworthy, and it is not because of his passing game.

Thirty thousand people showed up knowing full well that he would tell them that no matter what he would always honor Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Thirty thousand people showed up to hear him say that we need to get “back to being one nation under God” and that athletes should be role models again.

Secular critics can slink, sneer, and post obnoxious comments to their heart’s content, but 30,000 is a number to be reckoned with.

Similarly, witness the opening week box office returns for “October Baby”. Shunned by the major studios, and playing in only 390 theatres across the nation, the film scored the second-highest per screen average bringing in two million dollars according to Fox News. That may not sound like much in terms of Hollywood receipts, but considering that Hollywood itself did not have the courage to pick up the project and the director producers had to raise the money themselves to finish the film, number per-screen suddenly looks more impressive.

The dream-makers who work in the self-proclaimed cultural centers of the nation would do well to put down their glasses of pinot noir, and look directly at this phenomenon, rather than down their collective noses at it.

There is a clearly a market for Christian, family centered personalities and media, and it is telling that of their own volition,  and people like Tebow, and movies such as “October Baby”, “Courageous”. “Fireproof” and “Soul Surfer” are making inroads and that the American public has an interest in traditional values and may be ready to walk away from sex, violence and the gratuitous dropping of the f-word in every other line in a script.

Not only is there money to be made in this market but it is entirely possible that the Entertainment Elites may learn a few things about life along the way themselves.

But that is doubtful. To address the new mood of the public, Hollywood would have to drop its sneering, nihilistic, narcissistic outlook on the world and all of our vaunted stars, producers, directors and writers might have to admit that they have been wrong all of these years about the tastes and interests of the American Public  And given the size of the media ego I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Fortunately movies like “October Baby” and “Courageous” will continue to be made. And keep in mind, our self styled media royalty may not give people like Tebow and movies like “Fireproof” the time of day. But then you don’t have to give the media royalty your money, either.

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