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The Conservative Resistance Behind the Iron Blue Curtain

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I am a refugee, but in my own country, by living in one of the most totalitarian states in the United States: the People’s Republic of California, or Mexifornia, Kommie-fornia, Crap-i-fornia, the list could go on.

For the members of my family, California has this name: “Not my home anymore.”

The Los Angeles Times Pravda wrote a timely article about Trump supporters living behind “The Blue Curtain.” Like the antebellum Southern free-soilers during the American Civil War, every day I recognize that I live in hostile territory. Intent on setting more people free, those who claim to be my representatives have sinister designs to break away from the rest of the United States.

Southern states passed numerous laws suppressing freedom of speech, just as Washington, D.C. lawmakers had passed a gag order against discussing slavery. The state legislature wants to criminalize sharing “false” information on the Internet. A candidate for Congress actually submitted a bill that would require teachers to inform students about how to identify fake news. Hint: just above every newspaper still in print.

And that’s, of course, if there will still be any worthwhile teachers left in California’s corrupt, incompetent government, union-dominated schools. The teacher shortage in California is unprecedented. College is way too expense, the debt of another year of higher educating on top of a four-year degree is paralyzing. And the pay sucks for all that teachers have to tolerate.  Oh, and now the same school districts are actually cutting staff! Montebello, California was already forcing history and government teachers to educate students from textbooks which listed Barack Obama as a U.S. senator. Now they are cutting teachers because of a lack of funding, and this after floating a multi-million dollar bond.

Roads are falling apart, the freeways are crammed. It takes an hour just to drive out of downtown Los Angeles or San Francisco on account of the jams turning highways into slowing-moving parking lots. California is going broke, and fast. Even Banana Republic Governor Brown has pled for fiscal restraint. Incredible but true. How is it possible for the eighth-largest economy in the world to be going bust so fast? Cigarette taxes jumped two dollars, and the nanny state I live in just raised the smoking age to 21.

The rule of law has become the rule of men. The city I live in, Torrance, still advertises itself as “The Balanced City” in a state of constant, embraced imbalance. The political class is too busy bringing in more voters (illegal aliens, public sector union hacks, and welfare queens), and they cost lots of money. At the end of the day, the ruling Democratic class governs for its own benefit, at the expense of everyone else. Voter fraud is rampant and growing. Entire cities, especially in Los Angeles County, have turned into third-world hellholes, resembling the dilapidated corners of Tijuana.

This is insanity. And a congresswoman in that region, Norma Torres of Ontario, who also entered this country illegally, now lives in Washington pandering for illegals while shutting down dissent. And our newest chief law enforcement officer is a lawless shill dedicated to the proposition that President Donald Trump is evil, and that California lawmakers and law enforcement officers do not have to comply with federal law, specifically on immigration.

Nope.  Finally, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has thrown the hammer down. California sanctuary cities have gotten the warning: comply with our laws and cooperate with immigration law enforcement, or lose federal funding. A friend of mine in Pasadena wants the TSA staffers gone, along with every other federal outfit curtailed until California gets with the program, or goes bust.

California has not titled into Full North Korea yet.

Trump supporters around the state (remember, there were 4.5 million of us on Election Day) have gone Howard Beale over this mess. Instead of just shouting out of our windows, we are hitting the streets: We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!

And the national media is paying attention. In case you missed it, Trump supporters shut down a campaign stop/town hall hosted by newly-appointed, lawless Attorney General Xavier Becerra. It was amazing. The outrage from the audience could not be contained. One Assemblywoman actually admitted to the audience that she had entered the country as an illegal alien. Now she represents Northwestern Los Angeles County?

Perhaps General Mattis will march from San Bernardino to the Sea, and engage in total war against every liberal establishment. He should take a detour through the Central Valley and tie up whatever infrastructure was laid down for the Bullet Train to Nowhere.

My two teams, Los Angeles for Trump and We the People Rising, have taken on the challenge. We are the true Rebel Alliance, refusing to sit back and let our state go to hell in a hand-basket of Democratic deplorables.

We pressure city councils insanely driven to the sanctuary city train, convinced that they can outpace the law. We have stepped up the fight in deep blue regions like Culver City, as well as rallies in Downtown Los Angeles, where the opposition didn’t bother to show up.

And now the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. This little beachside enclave, a lesser-known, tinier version of San Francisco.

Just this past weekend, along the world famous 3rd Street Promenade, Trump supporters set up two microphones and challenged anyone to a debate. Some were civil, others were evil (police had to arrest/detain two miscreants who stole a hat and attacked one member of our team), but we stood our ground. One crazed woman shouted “You have no right to be here.”

But we aren’t going anywhere. This is our state, our home, our land.

And it’s worth fighting for. While Trump builds a protective wall along our southern border, we are determined to tear down the Iron Blue Curtain.

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