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Video gamers have a reputation for preferring their virtual reality over the one the rest of us have to deal with, but they may want to log-in to what’s happening on Capitol Hill before their pastime becomes the latest industry to fall under government control. ... more

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One of the great ironies of the gun control debate is that everyone who calls for gun control still wants a man with a gun protecting him. ... more

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Ann Coulter weighs in on the heated exchange between Sens. Feinstein and Cruz during the Senate Judiciary Hearing on the "assault" weapons ban on March 14, 2013. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Feb 27

Having given up on trying to persuade Americans that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will reduce the murder rate, Democrats have turned to their usual prohibitionary argument: "Why does anyone need (an assault weapon, a 30-round magazine, a semiautomatic, etc., etc.)?" ... more

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein began her war on allergy and cold sufferers in 2005. ... more

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Difficulty in getting change in our country is an ongoing source of frustration. Particularly when we have huge problems facing us as we do today. ... more

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In an interview with ABC News, Nevada Senator Harry Reid admitted he has not read Dianne Feinstein's gun bill. ... more

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You have to give progressives credit. They’re nothing if not thorough. When an opportunity to limit the Second Amendment presented itself in the Sandy Hook massacre, regardless how tasteless it was to exploit that opportunity, they went full bore toward their goal. ... more

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Exhilarated by the record number of women elected to both the House and Senate in 2012, giddy commentators have begun suggesting that increased representation by females could cure the poisonous polarization in Washington and repair the broken institutions of our government. A more sober, comprehensive analysis, however, reveals no historical or logical basis to assume that the much heralded influx of female politicos means an automatic improvement in the dysfunctional performance of the legislative branch. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Jan 8

As the son of a woman, the husband of a woman and the father of daughters and granddaughters, I celebrate the record number of females who are now United States senators. However, I do see some differences in the way these and other women are treated, depending on their party, policies and beliefs. ... more