Leah Barkoukis

Posted April 17, 2014

“Bad ideas spread like weeds in the garden in spring.”

Posted April 09, 2014

Last month, academic freedom and the First Amendment scored a major victory when a federal jury found that the University of North Carolina-Wilmington had retaliated against conservative professor Dr. Mike Adams for his political and social views by denying him a promotion to full professor.

Posted April 07, 2014

Sounds like a great idea..

Posted April 06, 2014

Two Irish journalists explain how they discovered that environmentalism is a game for rich kids and rich grownups.

Posted April 04, 2014

The black market is alive and well.

Posted April 03, 2014

Oh, joy.

Posted April 02, 2014

“In the United States of America, every child should have every chance in life, every chance at happiness, and every chance at success,” President Obama said in a ?proclamation marking the beginning of National Child Abuse Prevention Month this week. The irony, of course, is that the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is the most pro-abortion president we’ve ever had.

Posted April 01, 2014

One can only hope that the gift will in some way positively influence Pelosi’s beliefs and positions on the sanctity of life, and that Obama's visit with the pope will do the same.

Posted March 29, 2014

There’s no denying that the public is increasingly favoring the legalization of marijuana. According to recent a George Washington University poll, 73 percent support making medical marijuana available in their state and 53 percent favor decriminalization for possession of marijuana.

Posted March 27, 2014

“To me, it’s not a question of ‘if’ we fix our broken immigration laws,” Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan said Wednesday, “it’s really a question of ‘when.’”

Posted March 22, 2014

The coffee giant’s CEO Howard Schultz announced Wednesday that he will be donating $30 million to help our war veterans.

Posted March 20, 2014

A jury in North Carolina on Thursday found that the University of North Carolina-Wilmington retaliated against criminology professor Dr. Mike Adams for his political and social views, and violated his free speech rights when it denied him a promotion to full professor.

Posted March 19, 2014

Run Ted, Run!

Posted March 18, 2014

For now, state tuition assistance in New York will not be provided to students in the country illegally. The 30-29 vote in the Republican-controlled Senate failed to reach the 32 needed to pass.

Posted March 15, 2014

Press Secretary Jay Carney’s behavior during daily briefings has changed, Mediaite’s columnist Joe Concha observed last year.