Carol Platt Liebau

Posted August 01, 2013

Americans should be outraged that IRS officials linked to various scandals are collecting generous benefits, courtesy of the taxpayers.

Posted July 31, 2013

Only a day after Bill and Hillary Clinton were said to be "livid" at comparisons between themselves and the Weiners, a recording has leaked of Monica Lewinsky's lascivious chatter with the ex-President.

Posted July 31, 2013

It now appears that the IRS colluded with the FEC to target at least two conservative organizations.

Posted July 30, 2013

New evidence is emerging that suggests the IRS may have harassed existing conservative non-profits, as well as new groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Posted July 30, 2013

News reports suggest Bill & Hillary Clinton are "livid" at Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner for comparing themselves to the presidential couple. Really?!

Posted July 29, 2013

Given the pass that the press gives Democrats, one good argument for Republicans running the government is this: At least the press will hold them accountable.

Posted July 28, 2013

Why won't Treasury Secretary Jack Lew just ask IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins what he knows about the IRS targeting scandal?

Posted July 26, 2013

Obama administration officials are considering a budget strategy that would include shutting down the government.

Posted July 25, 2013

Perhaps no one should be surprised that in an informal test of Americans' honesty, residents of the nation's capital came in dead last.

Posted July 25, 2013

It's ironic, but entirely foreseeable, that relations between blacks and whites have worsened during the Obama presidency.

Posted July 24, 2013

Jack Lew and Jay Carney can try to downplay the IRS targeting scandal, but the fact that we STILL don't know who was involved highlights the administration's recalcitrance, not its innocence.

Posted July 24, 2013

Judging from the expenses for their travel, there must be some pretty valuable commuting employees of the IRS.

Posted July 23, 2013

Will the falling support for ObamaCare among moderate Democrats embolden the GOP to refuse to fund it?

Posted July 23, 2013

What is the potential significance of the fact that Jeff Zients -- Obama's interim OMB director -- has been out of the country since shortly before the IRS scandal broke?

Posted July 19, 2013

IRS General Counsel William J. Wilkins claims that he knew nothing about the IRS targeting. His claims don't pass the smell test.

Posted July 18, 2013

Christine O'Donnell, the 2010 Republican candidate for US Senate, was told her IRS records were improperly accessed and misused -- but there are still no answers.

Posted July 17, 2013

The "government official" who improperly accessed campaign or candidate IRS records was not an IRS employee. So who was it?

Posted July 16, 2013

In four instances since 2006, candidate and donor IRS records have been improperly accessed.

Posted July 03, 2013

Posted May 24, 2013