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Michael Schaus - Wed Apr 9

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Nicole Bailey - Wed Nov 20

The only two countries in the Middle East without minimum age requirements for marriage are considering laws establishing a minimum age to protect women. Girls as young as six years old have been forced into marriage in those countries, many enduring rape, physical trauma from intercourse and childbirth, and torture - several on record have died from their wounds or committed suicide. ... more

Nicole Bailey - Thu Nov 7

A recent report showed America trailing far behind many European countries in gender equality, and pressure is mounting on the US to "catch up." Meanwhile in Sweden, feminists have secured a gender neutral pronoun and the implementation of the Bechdel Test, a system that rates movies based on the roles and interactions of only the female characters. ... more

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Nov 7

Nicole Bailey - Mon Oct 28

A new study released over the weekend reaffirmed Iceland's place as the best for gender equality in the world, while the US moved down from #22 to #23. ... more

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Kathryn Lopez - Sat Mar 9

Recently, a group of women gathered to insist that expanded abortion access be a legislative priority in New York. Why they would feel the need to do so is a good question, one with disturbing overtones. ... more

Catherine Glenn Foster - Thu Mar 7

In 2012, nearly half of America’s states enacted laws designed to protect women and children from coerced, unsafe, and rushed abortions. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, however, has dug in his heels in blind obedience to an outdated doctrine and is pushing to expand abortion in his state. ... more

Celia Bigelow - Wed Feb 27

As the number of proposed gun-control measures increase rapidly across the country, the amount of women purchasing guns is increasing even faster. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Tue Feb 12

Change happens whether you like it or not, whether you want it to or not. That doesn’t mean that change is good. ... more