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Michael Barone - Mon May 7

Washington Post editorial writer and liberal blogger Jonathan Capehart is puzzled. Why does the "non-issue" of Harvard Law professor and Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry "require so much attention?" he asked last week. ... more

Massachusetts - Thu May 3

If she was so proud of her heritage, why did she stop claiming to be Native American? ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed May 2

Elizabeth Warren is the Harvard law professor running for Senate in Massachusetts as a Democratic populist-progressive champion. But don't call her "Elizabeth Warren." Call her "Pinocchio-hontas," "Chief Full-of-Lies," "Running Joke" or "Sacaja-whiner." ... more

John Ransom - Wed Nov 16

Not content with the disaster that they have created in the rest of the country, the Senate, still under Democrat control, is now making a land-grab to regulate banking operations in Indian Country too, while denying them the basic tools for self-sufficiency. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Thu Oct 6

Despite being a sovereign nation, the Ute Tribe has a government without a tax base. And despite the carping that Conservatives do about taxes, even we realize that a certain level of taxation is necessary. Without a tax base, development of tribal land is of paramount importance. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Fri Jul 1

Maybe by the time it is said and done, we will have a candidate, be it a Perry, a Bachman a Cain or a Paul who will speak truth to power and the American People. Lord knows we haven’t had someone like that in a while. Whoever has the guts to say that in a clear voice has my vote. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Jun 5

In a valley that curves along the Allegheny River is a tract of land built on opportunity, greed, and the bureaucratic nightmare of being one city in two nations. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Mon May 9

For once I find myself firmly, indignantly and thoroughly on the side of political correctness. ... more