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Massachusetts - Thu May 3

If she was so proud of her heritage, why did she stop claiming to be Native American? ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed May 2

Elizabeth Warren is the Harvard law professor running for Senate in Massachusetts as a Democratic populist-progressive champion. But don't call her "Elizabeth Warren." Call her "Pinocchio-hontas," "Chief Full-of-Lies," "Running Joke" or "Sacaja-whiner." ... more

John Ransom - Wed Nov 16

Not content with the disaster that they have created in the rest of the country, the Senate, still under Democrat control, is now making a land-grab to regulate banking operations in Indian Country too, while denying them the basic tools for self-sufficiency. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Thu Oct 6

Despite being a sovereign nation, the Ute Tribe has a government without a tax base. And despite the carping that Conservatives do about taxes, even we realize that a certain level of taxation is necessary. Without a tax base, development of tribal land is of paramount importance. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Fri Jul 1

Maybe by the time it is said and done, we will have a candidate, be it a Perry, a Bachman a Cain or a Paul who will speak truth to power and the American People. Lord knows we haven’t had someone like that in a while. Whoever has the guts to say that in a clear voice has my vote. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Jun 5

In a valley that curves along the Allegheny River is a tract of land built on opportunity, greed, and the bureaucratic nightmare of being one city in two nations. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Mon May 9

For once I find myself firmly, indignantly and thoroughly on the side of political correctness. ... more

Robert Knight - Mon Apr 25

With spring in the air, all but the truly soul-dead feel the pull of not only natural but spiritual renewal. ... more

Michael Medved - Tue Apr 5

An indignant Democrat of my acquaintance accuses conservatives of hypocrisy when they criticize President Obama for acting with caution and restraint in response to crisis. He accurately points out that caution and restraint represent core conservative virtues, and that most leaders on the right ripped the president during his first two years for pushing too fast for transformational change. ... more