George Soros on Townhall

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Oct 20

Last week, protests broke out again in Europe, from Rome to London. The monthlong Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York have spread. The current unrest follows this summer's riots in London and flash mob incidents in U.S. cities. In 2009 and 2010, Tea Parties turned out hundreds of thousands in protests against the Obama administration's policies and eventually gave him the largest midterm rebuke since 1938. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Oct 19

The worst thing about Occupy Wall Street is that it's ruining a good cause: hating Wall Street. Just when opposing Wall Street was gaining momentum, these brain-dead zombies are forcing us to choose between thieving bankers and them. ... more

Marita Noon - Sun Oct 9

Despite increases in the typical activities that produce pollution, America is much cleaner now than it was twenty years ago. Since 1970, our population has increased and our energy consumption has gone up.However, the truth is that, despite this growth, our aggregate emissions are approximately half of what they were. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Thu Oct 6

Ever since Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the 2000 presidential election, there has been a major push to abandon the Electoral College system. Superficially, there is a sense that the election was unfair and everyone’s vote did not count equally. ... more

John Ransom - Mon Sep 19

So our love of idolizing the yappy captains of industry has come to the point where George Kaiser controls investments, Warren Buffett controls tax-policy, George Soros controls media and organizing, T. Boone Pickens controls our energy policy and TV pundits treat the Donald’s TV reality candidacy like it’s, um, reality. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sat Sep 17

Clearly Le Pen is an anti-Euro, anti-immigration candidate and that is just the kind of message that can easily catch fire in this environment. Elections in Germany or France may seal the direction, unless we see exodus by countries before the election. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Aug 21

Pawlenty is out, Perry is in and Obama is...on vacation. This week was fun, and a mess. But aren’t they all? We learned President Obama is, after 2 1/2 years in office, ready to address his number 1 priority since taking office and release his Nixonian “secret plan” to deal with the jobs September. Now THAT’S leadership! How’s that “hope and change” working out for you? ... more

John Ransom - Sun Aug 21

Boy the old liberals seem to have become awfully quiet recently. I guess that happens when your president’s approval rating dips to 35 percent in Pennsylvania. Maybe people still rely on coal in Pittsburgh. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Aug 17

Michelle Malkin - Fri Jul 29

"Millionaires and billionaires," President Obama says derisively, must make more "sacrifices" and live by the same rules the rest of America lives by. But there are seven little words that will never appear on the White House teleprompter: "And that means you, too, George Soros." ... more

Elisabeth Meinecke - Thu Jul 21

Derek Hunter - Sun Jul 3

There’s a new boogeyman in town and its name is “Corporate Jet.” It’s not quite the thing of comic book villains, but it is a joke. President Obama, the comedian-in-chief, launched into a tirade against the evil corporate jet owners in his press conference Wednesday. ... more

Michael Youssef - Mon Jun 20

"Previously, I talked about the Sojourners-sponsored ad headlined "What Would Jesus Cut?" The ad, signed by Jim Wallis and more than two dozen leaders of the Religious Left, urged our leaders to ask themselves what Jesus would cut from the federal budget." ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Jun 6

I’ve been active in national politics since Ronald Reagan’s great victory in 1980, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen the TV pundits display the level of insanity and stupidity that we see today. Regrettably, this sentiment applies to the press on both sides of the political aisle. ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Sun Jun 5

John Ransom - Sun Jun 5

This week's comments cover Obama's re-election strategy, the faux outrage police, faux conservatives, and Dolts of the Chevy or Clash line. ... more

Marvin Olasky - Tue May 3

This year's Pulitzer Prize announcement on April 18 was largely the same old same old: four prizes for The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, as the good old boys- and-girls network protected its own established enterprises. ... more

John Ransom - Sat Apr 23

Soros has been accused of participating in attacks on currencies in Thailand, the UK and Russia, although he denies the charge. Is the US dollar next? ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Mar 16

In the public policy conversation today, there is nothing funnier than hearing the leadership of National Public Radio deny there's a liberal bias at play over there. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Mar 15

The problem for NPR and other media is not only bias, but also blindness. Large numbers of Americans believe NPR and the broadcast networks are hostile to their beliefs. ... more

Tom Borelli - Sat Mar 12

With soaring gasoline prices jeopardizing economic growth and enraging the public, even a novice could recognize the political liabilities associated with rising energy costs. ... more