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A follow-up to my item from earlier. ... more

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This video is old news (in fact, I’m sure you’ve already seen it) but if you haven’t take two minutes out of your day and watch it. ... more

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A bill proposed by DC Council Member David Catania (I) would provide $100,000 scholarships for low-income students to go to college. Although the bill is gaining wide support, it has many serious problems including scholarships for the wealthy and an unjustified focus on four-year degrees. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Wed Nov 13

In the olden days, a big problem in public schools was that students didn’t have adequate access to books and textbooks. Now, it seems, something else entirely is holding them back: far too many classrooms in the United States don’t have access to…the Internet? ... more

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Dear gosh. The things kids can get suspended for these days. ... more

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Roughly ninety percent of school voucher recipients in the state of Louisiana are African-American, according to the Washington Post. ... more