Burt Prelutsky

Posted April 03, 2009

Perhaps it’s because I was summoned for jury duty a few weeks ago that I have been hyper-aware of criminal matters lately. My attention was particularly grabbed by a couple of news items.

Posted March 30, 2009

Recently, I posted a piece at Townhall in which I suggested that Mrs. Obama is not, to put it mildly, my ideal.

Posted March 27, 2009

I have to hope for the sake of our country’s future that when people voted for Obama they really had no idea what a disaster he would be, even though I kept warning them that he was a left-wing lug nut.

Posted March 22, 2009

The way that liberal politicians and Hollywood celebrities carry on over the plight of poor people, you might easily get the idea that they actually know some.

Posted March 20, 2009

Several states are considering raising additional tax revenues by charging us a fee based on the number of miles we drive.

Posted March 16, 2009

When the Democrats took James Carville’s advice to attack Rush Limbaugh, it made perfect sense.

Posted March 13, 2009

Although I would like to believe that every single article I write springs full-grown from my brain as Athena was alleged to have sprung from the head of Zeus, such is not always the case.

Posted March 09, 2009

Two news items caught my attention this past month, and although they occurred 3,000 miles apart, they are definitely connected.

Posted March 06, 2009

If I hear one more person point out that Obama is the president and that it’s our duty to support him, I just might run amok.

Posted March 02, 2009

When I first thought about writing this piece, I was only going to list my all-time favorite movies, breaking them down by decade.

Posted February 27, 2009

I believe it is long past time to end the War on Drugs. That’s not because I approve of drug use or have any desire to encourage it.

Posted February 23, 2009

Down through the years, there have been a great many movies in which school teachers have been portrayed as decent and hard-working, even heroic.

Posted February 20, 2009

As I sit here, the Obama administration is less than a month old and, quite honestly, it’s really no worse than I imagined it would be.

Posted February 16, 2009

Members of the Mafia have to take a vow of silence, and if they break it, they face the very real possibility of winding up dead. Liberals have their own version of the vow.

Posted February 13, 2009

Every American president will try and fail to bring peace to the Middle East. Obama is merely the latest to put it at the top of his to-do list.

Posted February 09, 2009

Once upon a time there was a blacklist in Hollywood. Liberals still refer to it as McCarthyism, but they can’t even get that right.

Posted February 06, 2009

Lately, it seems every time I turn around I hear about some politician or bureaucrat who is absolutely indispensable. As often as not, these people are talking about themselves.

Posted February 02, 2009

This morning, my hometown newspaper, the L.A. Times, carried the headline “Fixes in Jessica’s Law Are Urged.” The sub-head read: “Tight residency curbs on sex offenders can leave them homeless and propel them to re-offend, a panel says.”

Posted January 30, 2009

It wasn’t that long ago that my friend Bernard Goldberg told me he was never going to write another book. It was just a lot of hard work, he complained, and while he was working on one, virtually all joy was sucked out of his life.

Posted January 26, 2009

Human beings like to believe they’re totally rational creatures. To take an extreme example, atheists are convinced they can prove that God doesn’t exist.