Wisconsin in focus: Lawmaker upset possible bailout of UW-Oshkosh Foundation could cost taxpayers

Posted: May 19, 2017 1:02 PM

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Lawmaker upset possible bailout of UW-Oshkosh Foundation could cost taxpayers

Worried that student scholarships and other support for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh could be at risk, a settlement that could cost state taxpayers millions of dollars is being discussed to protect assets in the university’s beleaguered private foundation.

A state senator warned Thursday such a “bailout” could have implications for UW System’s entire biennial budget, which is in the early stages of being decided by state lawmakers. He made it clear in a letter to UW System President Ray Cross that any attempt to use state money to bail out a private fundraising foundation would set back efforts to rebuild trust between the UW and state lawmakers.

Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) on Thursday released a letter he wrote to Cross that states he’s aware of efforts to reach a deal that potentially would use public funds “to assist in what would be a bailout” of debts of the UW-Oshkosh Foundation.

Wisconsin State-Journal: Budget committee keeps labor commission, dumps tech college tuition freeze

The Legislature’s Republican-controlled budget committee ditched Gov. Scott Walker’s proposals to cut a century-old labor review commission and freeze technical college tuition.

They also altered Walker’s proposed changes to a tax credit meant to encourage home ownership and his proposal to eliminate a board that oversees for-profit colleges.

Walker proposed eliminating the Labor and Industry Review Commission and move its functions to other departments. His proposal would have cut 26.5 positions and saved $5.2 million.

The budget committee voted 12-4 to keep the commission but reduce about eight vacant positions, which Democrats opposed. Under the proposal, the chief justice of the Supreme Court would review commission decisions to see if they comply with state law and submit findings to the governor and Joint Finance Committee by July 1, 2018.

WISC-TV 3: Large dairy farm developers turn to State Supreme Court

The owners of a proposed large-scale dairy farm in Wood County have asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that blocked the project.Golden Sands Dairy maintains it has rights to use most of its 6,400 acres for growing crops and manure spreading because the land was zoned unrestricted when the dairy filed for building permits in 2012 and the applications referenced the land.

The Town of Saratoga argues the dairy can’t use the land that way because it was re-zoned for preservation four months after the applications were filed.

NBC 15: Wisconsin lawmakers at odds on special counsel for Russia investigation

Wisconsin lawmakers are reacting to the latest bombshell in the Russian hacking investigation on Capitol Hill.

“I didn’t think we needed a special counsel,” Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI-7 said.

The Justice Department appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead a special counsel.

While Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy agrees Mueller is a good choice, he remains confident President Trump didn’t do anything wrong.

“There is no evidence that anyone is putting out in regard to collusion. That we’re going through this charade with no evidence is concerning and frankly it’s a joke,” Duffy said.