A quick guide to Ohio’s changing charter school landscape
John Bicknell | February 13, 2017
A little more than a year out from an overhaul of the state’s charter school assessment system, Ohio’s charter sector is in a period of transition. Crain’s Cleveland Business has a guide to the changes that have happened and those that are on the horizon at the local, state and national levels. Read the whole […]
Ohio charter law shows early signs of success
John Bicknell | January 18, 2017
Researchers who studied the first year of Ohio’s charter school reforms say the 2015 law is “bringing promising changes to the state’s charter school sector.” A new report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute cites tougher oversight of Ohio charter authorizers and governing boards as key components of the overhaul. The authors note that this is […]
Accel may take over I Can schools in Ohio
John Bicknell | January 03, 2017
Consolidation could be coming to Ohio’s charter school sector. The I Can charter school network is considering turning its schools over to the Accel network, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Accel founder Ron Packard said the move “would be less of a purchase than a transfer of leadership.” Accel has taken over 23 schools in Ohio over […]
Five developments in Ohio education
Amelia Hamilton | December 14, 2016
As 2016 draws to a close, the Thomas Fordham Institute decided to share five interesting developments in Ohio education policy to wrap up the year. The piece, written by Ohio Research Director Aaron Churchill, includes ESSA accountability, more data accessibility, and open enrollment. Read more here.
Judge: Accused students have right to cross-examination
Judge: Accused students have right to cross-examination
Ashe Schow | December 01, 2016
In a win for accused students, an Ohio judge has affirmed that cross-examination is vital to a student's defense.
Ohio civil forfeiture reform bill set to pass next week
John Crowe | December 01, 2016
A bill designed to curb civil forfeiture practices in Ohio is set to pass next week despite opposition from the state’s law enforcement community. The U.S. Justice Action Network, a coalition of conservative and progressive organizations, and fellow proponents of the bill appear to be closing in on victory after an eighteen-month battle for reform. […]
Online school loses appeal on attendance
Amelia Hamilton | November 28, 2016
The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Ohio’s largest online charter school, has lost an appeal against a ruling on how attendance is measured. The ruling allowed the state to use the amount of time a student is logged in to calculate enrollment and, thus, funding. Read more here.
Michigan lawmakers, regulators poised to choke out electricity choice
Michigan lawmakers, regulators poised to choke out electricity choice
Kathy Hoekstra | November 28, 2016
“Of course [AEP] will sit there and say, ‘Oh yeah, you can shop around for electricity,’” he said. “But what they did was increased the transmission rates that they charge competitors to use their lines so significantly that they can’t be competitive.”
School board, teachers union outline ways to end Louisville teachers strike
Amelia Hamilton | November 10, 2016
“With meaningful negotiations, the LEA hopes to end this dispute and begin the healing process for everyone involved,” according to the letter, which was posted to the union’s Facebook page Monday.
Ohio set to back away from new graduation rules before implementation
Amelia Hamilton | November 07, 2016
They haven’t been implemented yet, but it already seems that Ohio is planning to lower its new graduation requirements amid concern too many students won’t be able to meet them. “It’s important to get this right, and not graduating in some cases 50 percent of students is not acceptable,” said Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Peggy Lehner, […]