Posted: Jun 07, 2014 9:15 AM

How about this for an executive order.

Any person collecting a pension from any of the funds administered by the Division of Pensions must suspend the payment of said pension if he/she is employed by any public sector employer or authority in the State of NJ and earns in excess of $20,000 per year. He/she will not be eligible for a second pension in any case.

I am not being anti public employee, I was a Police Officer and currently retired. I could have reported the next day as a civilian employee of the same department but did not. There are some clerical tasks etc that could be better filled by a retired employee who has experience and for the employee that wants to retire but continue to work. This actually saves the government money as no benefits are paid to a returning experienced employee. The 20K figure is negotiable but that’s a pretty good amount if the person is seeking a part time job.

Also no one will give up their pension to make one dollar over the set figure.This will also curtail the political hires at high salaries which is the problem.

In my case I did land a position as a Police Officer (a job I loved) at a PRIVATE University in NJ.