Bill Brennan

Mark Lagerkvist
Dec 12, 2013 7:47 PM

It looks like his employer involuntarily pensioned him off. If that’s true then the problem isn’t the officer it is the employer and the pension board. Either way out of the 200 million in disability pensions what percentage are fraudulent? Assuming an ASTOUNDING 10% (no way possible) that would be unacceptable 20 million per year and something should be done.  HOWEVER THE 47 BILLION DOLLAR SHORTFALL DID NOT HAPPEN AS A RESULT OF 20 MILLION A YEAR IN FRAUD IT HAPPENED BECAUSE THE EMPLOYERS DID NOT CONTRIBUTE.  It also happened because politicians game the system with part time jobs and then go full time for a year or 2 and collect a 30 year pension  - AGAIN NOT THE MEMBERS WHO ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE. This scapegoating of employees for the sins of the politicians has to stop.