One chart shows Americans no longer care about police militarization

Dustin Hurst
Sep 03, 2014 12:44 PM

By Dustin Hurst |

During the tumult, turmoil and rage of Ferguson showdown between law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo., Americans everywhere cared about police militarization — a lot.

Now? Well, have you seen the leaked nudes of “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence?

America quickly moved on from the discussion prompted by police missteps and aggression in Ferguson, as this country, complete with the attention span of a gnat, is known to do.

Through the standoff between police and protesters angry over the shooting of an unarmed man, Americans turned to Google to search for articles, videos and pictures of police militarization. Nick Gillespie, a top critic of law enforcement strategies and tactics, suggested the country experienced something of a “libertarian moment” while onlookers gawked at Facebook photos and tweets streaming from the contentions Ferguson streets.

No more, though. Take a look at this chart from Google Trends, the search giant’s website for peering into Internet users’ search habits:

Of course, those numbers track identically with America’s interest in Ferguson:

But then, for a little context, throw in a search of a celebrity’s name and compare that with interest in police militarization:

It’s official: If America experienced even the slightest libertarian moment during Ferguson, it’s clearly over.

Now, get back to those illegally obtained Jennifer Lawrence pics.