VIDEO: Late night lampoons Iowa Dem’s sweaty sacrifice

Posted: Oct 11, 2013 1:03 PM
VIDEO: Late night lampoons Iowa Dem’s sweaty sacrifice

COMEDIC GOLD: Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel latched on to Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley’s comments about a lack of towel service at the Congressional gym.


By Travis Perry │ Iowa Watchdog

From closed parks and monuments to furloughed workers, the federal government shutdown has made itself known from coast to coast. But now the unthinkable has happened.

Congress has been forced to do its own laundry.

The statement, made by Iowa Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley, was intended to defend the decision to keep the congressional gym open while other areas of the government, deemed unessential, were shut down following D.C. gridlock.

For late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the comment was nothing short of solid gold.

“The exclusive gym where congressmen go to work out has been open during all of this, although they have been quick to point out the gym is not fully operational because towel service is no longer available due to the shutdown, so everyone is suffering,” Kimmel quipped.

What followed was a humorous, if slightly disturbing lampoon of the self-sacrifice detailed by Braley.

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