Frontier League supports bill that would exempt certain players from state minimum wage
Scot Bertram | May 15, 2017
Independent minor league baseball could be threatened without help from lawmakers, the attorney for the Frontier League with teams in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and elsewhere said. Tom Ysursa, general counsel for the Frontier League, said league officials support a measure that recently passed the Illinois State Senate that would exempt certain minor league players […]
Bill would require tax disclosure for presidential candidate to appear on Illinois’ ballot
Cole Lauterbach | May 11, 2017
Illinois state senators have advanced a bill that would have removed President Donald Trump from the ballot in Illinois if it were law last year. The sponsor, State Sen. Daniel Biss, D-Evanston, says his legislation would require any presidential candidate wishing to appear on Illinois’ ballot to disclose the previous five years of tax returns […]
Fiscal policy expert questions new report on Michigan strategy for prosperity
Michael Carroll | May 08, 2017
Michigan should focus more on building regional hubs of workforce talent, investing in higher education and raising household incomes, according to a public policy report released last month. “It should now be clear that having a growing economy, or a low unemployment, or being business-friendly – all of which have been the goals of state […]
Wisconsin, 15th in manufacturing job growth, to Illinoisans: Come on up
Michael Carroll | May 05, 2017
New employment numbers show Wisconsin surpassed many of its Midwest neighbors in creating new manufacturing jobs over the past year, prompting one Wisconsin business leader to put out the welcome mat to Illinois workers. Wisconsin added 3,000 manufacturing jobs between March 2016 and March of this year, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. […]
Congressman: Time to reopen project to store nuclear waste in Nevada’s Yucca mountain
Cole Lauterbach | May 02, 2017
Southern Illinois Congressman John Shimkus wants to resurrect the massive project to move the nation’s spent nuclear fuel to a Nevada mountain. Shimkus, a Republican who chairs the committee exploring the reopening of the project to store the country’s nuclear waste in the Yucca mountain range, 50 miles west of Las Vegas, says the government […]
New regulations could mean longer waits for medicine
Watchdog News | April 27, 2017
By Ben Yount – Legislation filed at the Illinois Capitol could have consumers waiting hours or longer for their prescriptions. The idea is simple: make sure pharmacists aren’t overworked and that they have time to talk with patients. The proposed fix isn’t as simple. Rob Karr, head of the Illinois Retail Merchants’ Association, said some […]
Illinois takes a bigger piece of local businesses’ profits than all neighboring states
Cole Lauterbach | April 25, 2017
Illinois’ businesses are taxed higher than all of their neighbors. That’s according to a new report ranking states by their burdens on local companies. Chicago-based Anderson Economics Group’s annual report on the level of tax burdens on businesses shows Illinois companies aren’t as taxed as much as they are in states such as New York […]
Appeals court tosses forced union dues lawsuit, next stop Supreme Court
Appeals court tosses forced union dues lawsuit, next stop Supreme Court
M.D. Kittle | March 22, 2017
“No one should be forced to pay union dues or fees just for the privilege of working for their own government," Mix said.
Northwestern student government endorses ‘viewpoint diversity’
Northwestern student government endorses ‘viewpoint diversity’
Ashe Schow | March 15, 2017
Finally, students stand up for viewpoint diversity.
The ‘next Friedrichs’ of right-to-work has its day in appeals court
The ‘next Friedrichs’ of right-to-work has its day in appeals court
M.D. Kittle | March 03, 2017
The plaintiffs argue that everything a union does, not just overt political activity, involves government redress.