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Back to Iraq Journal Entry # 4 - Kate Norley

The more noses the better…when it comes time to “sniff out” IEDS.

Naturally, when my unit received reports of suspicious activity assumed to be a buried weapons cache or IED early this morning, I figured that added assistance might be nice. 1st Platoon and I dismounted at the chosen grid to then hunt down the objective. After a thorough sweep of more than 3 miles, we packed it up and headed out to run a few errands. First stop was to check-in on the recent construction of a water treatment facility. While viewing the new foundation of the site, local Iraqi security visited as well as surrounding community landowners to discuss subsequent plans for construction and it’s safekeeping. Our next stop brought us to the Sons of Iraq (Iraqi Security) headquarters, once again to keep posted on activities, and finally before we set home a visit to the communal shop was made. In all of the mingling that took place today (with minimal security team in tow) the overall sense of casual interaction between surrounding area Iraqis and my embedded unit was clear-an agreeable, even enjoyable working relationship exists. [# More #]

The soldiers I am with continue to display their true talent in conjunction with the remarkable rapport they have built outside the walls of their COB…this is a piece of what victory looks like.

Proud to know and serve always,


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