Back to Iraq Journal Entry # 6 - Daniel Bell

Posted: Aug 12, 2008 9:53 AM
Bringing security to the streets of Sadiyah is the mission that has been tasked to the men of A Company 4th Battalion 64th Armor Regiment as they work out of their Combat Outpost (COP) in southeastern Bagdad. This mission brings with it late nights that include long conversations with the locals, inquiring about security concerns and asking for advice on how to improve the currently established measures. [# More #]

In one neighborhood I followed along with 2nd Lieutenant Henry Mitchell, age 23, of Louisville, KY, as he visited a home. He is the platoon leader (PL) of A Company’s first platoon. He and his men were welcomed in by the owner of the house and offered cold Pepsi while they talked. Lt. Mitchell asked the man, “How is business, is it getting better?” The interpreter relayed the message, “Very good,” which seems to be a more frequent answer, according to the lieutenant. Once their conversation was finished, Lt. Mitchell handed the man a business card, which had his contact information and tips for identifying disruptive individuals. This is the daily mission that A Company carries out in Sadiyah.

Between these missions, the company has many other tasks that focus on rebuilding the area and stabilizing it for Iraqi control. Some of the tasks include placing walls in areas of high threat, working with businesses to get micro grants and meeting with local councils to establish governance. Their mission focus has not changed; they have been successful in combat missions, which now require an increase in both security of presence and civil affairs.