GOP House Releases Video: The Real Story of the Obama Economy

Posted: Jul 18, 2012 12:30 PM

President Obama owns this economy, and he clearly lives in a different reality if he thinks, in his own words, “the private sector is doing fine.” The House GOP has just released a new video detailing the real story of the Obama economy (see below).  For a different point of view on the economy, you can check out the House’s GOP solutions. If only Senate Democrats would stop delaying, and join the GOP’s representatives and senators.

“Senate Democrats are working overtime to find excuses to delay and water down the bipartisan JOBS bill,” a senior Republican aide said, according to Politico. “Rather than claiming the sky is falling, if Senate Democrats want to help America’s job creators, they should work quickly to advance the House-passed JOBS bill that is supported by the president and the business community.”

This post was authored by editorial intern, Bill Vollono.