Flashback: Harry Reid Opposes Patriot Act in 2005

Posted: May 26, 2011 1:48 PM

Guest blog post by Nick Freiling

The Patriot Act faces expiration tonight if the Senate does not vote to renew it. Harry Reid has opposed Rand Paul’s attempt to amend the bill or prevent it from passing as written. But in 2005, Reid bragged about the Democrat’s “killing” of the act. See below:

2005: Harry Reid bragging about killing the Patriot Act. 

Yesterday: Harry Reid supporting the Patriot Act. 

Yes, this sort of flip-flop politics is nothing unusual for Senate Democrats. But hypocrisy as obvious as this really makes you wonder: if even senators are willing to be so deceptive, then how can we trust backroom bureaucrats to responsibly use the powers given to them in the Patriot Act? Let's hope Sen. Paul's amendments, designed to protect civil liberties and the privacy of gun-owners, at least get the consideration they deserve.

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