What's Hot Tuesday?

Posted: Sep 30, 2008 9:15 AM
What are the most popular stories around the web this morning?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

Politico:  McCain Takes Credit for Bill Before it Loses

Los Angeles Times:  McCain Blames Democrats for Bailout Failure

Time Magazine:  The Latest Star Wars Woes: Launching Fake Targets

Newsweek:  Bankrupt Economics

ABC News:  Robert Redford Remembers His Co-Star, Friend

US News & World Report: The Secret of How the Titanic Sank

Philadelphia Inquirer: Aide to Goode Issues an Apology

Wall Street Journal:  Bailout Plan Rejected, Markets Plunge

Slate: Washington to New York: Drop Dead

New York Times:  The 3 A.M. Call

CNN: McCain's VP Decision is 'Fundamentally Irresponsible'

New York Post:  Harvey: Blog Story's 'Insane'

Boston Globe: Colleges Calling Sleep a Success Prerequisite

Chicago Tribune:Nothing Conservative There

FOX News:  'Doomsday Machine' Lawsuit Tossed Out by Judge

Houston Chronicle: 800-pound Texas Murder Defendant Too Big for Court

And on Townhall.com this morning:
         Thomas Sowell: Bailout Politics         
         Chuck Norris: Clandestine Conservatives in Hollywood      
         Dennis Prager: Jewish Left Wins, Jews and Israel Lose         
         Mona Charen: ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess
         Dick Morris: McCain Needs To Get Campaign On Track