What's Hot Monday

Posted: Aug 11, 2008 3:13 PM
What are the most popular stories around the web today?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

ABC News:  Wolfson: Edwards Cost Clinton the Election

Huffington Post:  John Edwards' Affair with Rielle Hunter

Politico:  Clinton to Forfeit $13 Million Loan, Unless...

Newsweek:  Zakaria: What Bush Got Right

Wall Street Journal:  Russia Widens Attack on Georgia

Time Magazine:  Has Georgia Overreached in Ossetia?

Los Angeles Times:  Dark Knight Stays Steps Ahead of Pineapple Express

New York Times:  Flush with Energy

New York Post:  Lost Sovereignty

Boston Globe:  So, You Want to Be a Writer?

Houston Chronicle:  Stabbing Incident Alters Olympic Course

CNN:  Death Row Inmate Volunteers to Executed

USA Today:  Comedian Bernie Mac Dead at 50

Chicago Tribune:  Memorial for Bernie Mac to be Held Saturday

FOX News:  Famous Stone Arch Collapses in Utah Park

Washington Post:  Bay Bridge Commute to Move Slowly, Officials Say

Slate:  Who Is Grady Harp?

US News & World Report:  One Nation, Under a New Obama Salute

Philadelphia Inquirer:  The Full NBC Olympics TV Broadcast Schedule

Denver Post:  Roster Overhaul Transforms Aging Team

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