On the Paris Hilton-ization of America's Little Girls

Posted: Jul 23, 2008 3:45 PM
Picture this: You drive into your kid’s junior high school parking lot and immediately think you made a wrong turn. The young girls approaching the parked cars are wearing undersized shorts, midriff-revealing tops and thick make-up, several young men following right behind them. As her father waits for her to jump into the back seat, one girl kisses goodbye one of the boys in a way that shows it was not their first time. You gasp as you realize that you did not accidentally drive into the high school parking lot. Your child is going to school with these rapidly maturing young men and women.

Mary Katharine Ham shares her views on the changing youth of today, or lack thereof, in a forthcoming column in Townhall Magazine. Ham faults material items for poorly shaping this generation’s upbringing. Thanks to booty shorts, scandalous baby clothing, fancy underwear and various other cradle robbing products, children are losing their innocence and growing up faster than necessary. With her witty writing style, personal experiences and clever examples, Ham gives readers something to both laugh about and seriously ponder.

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