Exercise Your Right to Free Speech

Posted: Jul 02, 2008 3:47 PM

In the July issue of Townhall Magazine, Robert Bluey, director of the Center for Media and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, explains why the Internet plays a fundamental role in expanding our right to free speech and how it will influence the 2008 elections.  Bluey's piece, "Web of Influence," is a foray into  the mass communication world via the Internet's expanding influence in U.S. politics.  Bluey discusses the phenomenon:

These online innovations [e-mail, blogging, video-sharing Web sites, and social networking] are a symbol of America's strength - making virtually every citizen his or her own publisher. 

You can join this "web of influence" by setting up a blog on Townhall.com.  Our site gives bloggers a venue to voice their opinions and our print magazine features our very own bloggers every month!  Exercise your freedom of speech - and have a chance to be published in an upcoming issue of Townhall

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