Democrats Outsourcing Their Jobs

Posted: Mar 26, 2008 12:58 PM

Consider me old-fashioned, but why is it that Democrats always feel the need to outsource the work of elected officials to these so called "working groups"?  It's the duty of Congress to suggest, and in fact pass, legislation that would address the problems that arise, within the proper role of the federal government.  I think this tactic is far more popular on their side of the aisle due to their complete lack of confidence in their political philosophy.  If they can't sell their bogus "buy outs" to other Democrats, they put together a group of their buddies - mostly political has-beens who will do anything to make headlines again - and allow them to do the dirty work of selling it to the public.  It then gives them political cushion if the proposed solutions are enacted and fail, or if they never see the light of day.  "I followed the recommendation of experts" they say, when it's their job, and constitutional responsibility, to filter what the experts say and put it into sound public policy.  And let's not forget, it's also a way for them to do what they do best - throw money at a special interest group/traditional Democrat voting bloc.

Congress was designed as a far superior system than these informal "working groups", and if members of Congress or the Administration would like to include outside input, they should sign their own name to it.