Well, At Least We Aren't the Brits: UK High School Bans Expensive Coats to Avoid 'Poverty Shaming'

Posted: Nov 17, 2018 1:31 PM
Well, At Least We Aren't the Brits: UK High School Bans Expensive Coats to Avoid 'Poverty Shaming'

America has plenty of leftists who seek to impose their social justice fantasy on American kids through our public school system through asinine means, but Britain might have us beat here. In an effort to curb classism, a high school in the United Kingdom has banned luxury coats from being worn so that there is less bullying in the school.

As reported by Ladbible.com, "...one school has taken radical steps to cut out what it calls 'poverty shaming' once and for all, and has banned its pupils from wearing expensive designer coats and jackets. From the start of next year pupils at Woodchurch High School, Birkenhead, will not be allowed to wear super pricey branded coats such a Canada Goose and Moncler - which can cost up to £600 a piece."

As noted by Reason's Joe Seyton, "A YouGov survey suggests the British public largely agrees with the school's decision, with 68 percent saying they support it."

Likewise, Seyton continues, "The backstory to the ban isn't clear. If this is just a case of some children feeling bad—or some adults worrying that kids will feel bad—because they can't afford the things some of their peers have, then the policy seems more likely to encourage a victim mentality than to help students feel better. Not being rich is nothing to be ashamed of; it hardly helps to tell kids that other people's clothes could "stigmatize" them." 

Seyton continues, arguing that even if rich kids were bullying other students while flaunting their posh coats, the problem is not the coats - it's the students' behavior. 

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Personally, If I were a parent and had bought my kid a coat that cost me more than 600 smackaroos only to have the school principal tell me it was banned, I'd be livid. But I don't have any kids and I'm a dollar away from 50 cents myself, so I'll sit here content in my new maroon fleece from G.H. Bass that cost me $14.99 before taxes and thank God I'm not British.