New Drudge Poll Overwhelmingly Supports Firing Mueller

Posted: Mar 18, 2018 10:55 AM
New Drudge Poll Overwhelmingly Supports Firing Mueller

The Drudge Report, the prolific news aggregation website ran by Matt Drudge, has a new poll that shows its audience favors firing special counsel Robert Mueller, and the results are not even close. 

Currently, 266,943 voters support firing Robert Mueller where as 77,000 voters are against his firing. While the poll cannot be counted as a scientific poll of the general public, it is helpful in gauging where President Donald Trump's base and many conservatives stand on the issue.

Drudge's polling in the past was an early indicator of who the GOP Presidential nominee was going to be. For example after a September 2015 GOP primary poll, his audience supported Trump with 61% saying that he won the debate. 

From The Washington Examiner:

"Donald Trump was by far the favorite choice among readers of the influential Drudge Report after Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate.Drudge posted a poll at the top of its site at the start of the debate, which was hosted by CNN and lasted three hours, for visitors to vote on "who won."

By the end of the event, Trump, who is number one in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, received 61 percent of votes. At a distant second place with 14 percent was Carly Fiorina. In third, Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul tied with 6 percent.

The poll is not scientific and visitors to the website can vote multiple times. Still, it offers some indication of the popularity for the candidates among a large swath of conservative readers across the country."

Drudge's poll today comes at a time when GOP senators such as Marco Rubio and and Lindsey Graham have condemned the potential firing Robert Mueller.