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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

When Joe Biden isn't mucking up the economy or U.S. standing on the world stage, he's messing with his own party's political strategy and hurting them even more than his disastrous leadership already has — and CNN is lending its pages to calling the president out for his narrative-busting trip to survey storm damage in Florida. 


As Townhall reported at the time, President Biden complimented Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis during his visit — one that also included Biden getting caught on a hot mic declaring "no one f**ks with a Biden" — for the potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate's preparation and response to Hurricane Ian. 

That visit and his complimentary remarks for DeSantis' leadership, according to CNN has sent a worried "sentiment rolling through Democratic circles in Florida" who believe Biden put a fork in Democrat Charlie Crist's chances of unseating DeSantis in November's midterms. CNN talked with former state Rep. Sean Shaw, still an active Florida Democrat, who "said his phone was full of text messages from Democrats noting how bad Biden’s remarks would be for Crist."

Per CNN:

At the time of Biden’s remarks, Crist, the Democratic nominee for governor, and his allies were ramping up criticism of DeSantis tied to the hurricane – highlighting the former GOP congressman’s past votes against storm aid and climate change legislation and raising questions about the timing of evacuations in Lee County and the lack of urgency to address a crumbling property insurance market. Earlier in the week, Crist and the state Democratic Party promoted a story from a local television station featuring Floridians who said they were blocked from delivering storm supplies so DeSantis could survey the damage.

Biden “closed the door to that,” one veteran Democratic strategist told CNN, asking not to be named to speak openly about the race.

“The dynamics of the race needed to shift, and this was an opportunity for it to shift,” the strategist said. “The President complimenting the governor takes that whole issue off the table.”


As Hurricane Ian churned toward Florida, Townhall reported on numerous Democrats and mainstream media outlets that were hoping for the worst in Florida as a way to tear down DeSantis — as if he controlled the path of hurricanes — rather than praying for the best for their fellow Americans in the Sunshine State. 

And, as Townhall predicted, Democrats and the mainstream media showed their true colors in rooting for DeSantis to fail and for Florida to get decimated. They just apparently forgot to loop Joe Biden in on their plans to use Hurricane Ian to "shift" the race in Democrats' direction. 

However, as CNN's source explained, Democrats didn't get what they wanted. The race didn't shift because DeSantis prepared and executed disaster relief plans in a way that Biden — and most Floridians — called "remarkable." And now Democrats will have to try finding another crisis to exploit in their feeble attempts to tear down Gov. DeSantis. The fact that Democrats apparently need a devastating hurricane to tear down Republicans in order to win — rather than making a strong enough case to win on the merits of their own ideas — says it all.



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