Beauty and Values, Miss World 2013 Advocates Pro-Life, Abstinence

Posted: Oct 16, 2013 1:18 PM
Beauty and Values, Miss World 2013 Advocates Pro-Life, Abstinence

Bright, beautiful and socially conservative — meet Megan Young. The 23-year-old Filipino clinched this year’s Miss World title over 126 rivals and brought a refreshing perspective to the pageant’s motto “Beauty with Purpose.”

Ms. Young affirmed the Philippines’ recently implemented Reproductive Health Law, which mandates abortion pill distribution, is wrong.

“I’m pro-life, and if it means killing someone that is already there then I am against that of course.”

When the interviewer asked the then-beauty-queen-candidate her take on contraceptives she unabashedly explained:

“Well I don’t engage in stuff like that as of now. I think that sex is for marriage.”

The skeptical host asked how a gorgeous woman could “just say no to sex.”

“You just say no...step away because you know that person doesn’t value you, doesn’t value the relationship as much. If the guy is willing to sacrifice that, that means a lot.”

Young said after seeing divorce in her own family, she is also a strong advocate of partnership for life.

“I think that if you marry someone, that should be the person you are with forever. Through sickness or health, through good or through bad.”

What a relief it is to see that more inspiring role-models than Miley Cyrus do indeed exist.

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