MSNBC Devoted Air Time to Hail Women Who Perform Abortions as 'Heroes'

Posted: Jun 05, 2022 11:30 AM
MSNBC Devoted Air Time to Hail Women Who Perform Abortions as 'Heroes'

The women of MSNBC would like you to know that they support killing babies, and even pride themselves for saluting the illegal performance of underground abortions. 

Over the weekend, the woke liberal network aired 15 minutes of promotional time to gushing over a new movie called The Janes, which support “female heroes of history” that carried out over 10,000 illegal abortions in Chicago in 1973, five years prior to Roe v. Wade. 

Host Andrea Mitchell paraded these women as “deeply moral women who wanted to save lives.” 

Despite killing thousands of them while doing so. 

Mitchell continued to say that these women deserve a “platform” for performing abortions. Because yes, they are certainly the type of “heroes” you want your kids to look up to. 

The co-director of the film Tia Lessin, told Mitchell that banning abortions will lead to the death of many women. 

“It may mean death sentences for many people who won't be able to access, you know, affordable or safe, legal abortion care. You know, what we know and what we found in this film is when abortion is criminalized, it doesn't mean that women don't have abortions. It just means that they don't have access to safe abortions.”

Meanwhile, another MSNBC host Ali Velshi called the movie “remarkable” and hailed the women as “smart, deeply moral human beings” that “put all of their smarts to test here.”

Both hosts deem the act of performing a procedure in which it kills a human life as “moral.” It seems though they don't fully understand what being moral truly means.