Uvalde Gunman Was Carrying More Ammunition Than Most Soldiers in Combat

Posted: May 28, 2022 12:30 PM
Uvalde Gunman Was Carrying More Ammunition Than Most Soldiers in Combat

The gunman who shot and killed 19 kids and two adults in the deadly Uvalde elementary school shooting had more ammunition on him than most soldiers do in combat. 

According to law enforcement, Salvador Ramos had brought more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition with him to the school, the average U.S. solder would normally only have about 210 rounds. 

Steven McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said Ramos had purchased 1,657 total rounds of ammunition prior to opening fire in the classroom. 315 of those rounds were found inside the school, while an additional 922 rounds were found outside of the building. 

Of those 315 bullets fired off inside the school,142 were spent cartridges and 173 were fired bullets, indicating Ramos has discharged under half of the rounds during the rampage. 

The shooter’s massive stockpile suggests he planned for a gun battle. 

According to McCraw, investigators found 60 magazines in total. To put that into contrast, a U.S. soldier usually takes seven magazines into combat: one in the weapon, and six spares. 

58 of the magazines were found in and around the school, as well as at the site where the gunman crashed his truck. The remaining 31, McCraw says was left inside his backpack found outside on school property. 

Shortly after Ramos turned 18, he bought two semi-automatic rifles from a local hunting and fishing store using a debit card, according to McCraw.

"Why and how is being looked at, and thousands of more leads are being looked at right now because we haven't answered all the questions."

The shooter allegedly asked his sister to purchase the gun for him, to which she refused to do so.