WaPo Taking Heat for Tweet About Waukesha That Leaves Out Key Detail

Posted: Nov 25, 2021 5:00 PM
WaPo Taking Heat for Tweet About Waukesha That Leaves Out Key Detail

Source: Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, Pool)


The tweet in question that "the Waukesha tragedy [was] caused by a SUV" has been deleted, but people don't forget. 


The mainstream media has been pretty reckless when it comes to the Christmas parade where Darrell Brooks, Jr. allegedly drove through with his SUV, killing six people and injuring over 40 people, as Matt has highlighted. The Washington Post is now also rightfully taking heat for a tweet that leaves out the most major of details when it comes to this tragic crime.

"Here's what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV," the headline read, making no mention of the suspect who was the one who caused the tragedy, by ramming his SUV into the crowd. And it's not like whoever was posting the tweet had run out of characters. 

By early Thursday morning, the tweet was massively ratioed.

That isn't even the headline of the piece either, which merely reads "How the events unfolded at Waukesha parade." 

The tweet was sent out Wednesday night, but the piece in question, by Artur Galocha and Meg Kelly, is from Tuesday night. It's about as feeling and as bland as can be. In fact, the most appropriate emotion is conveyed in the photo description, described as "Crime scene evidence is seen on Main Street the morning after a car plowed through a holiday parade in Waukesha."

While the Washington Post has at least two articles about Brooks' criminal record, as of early Thursday morning it does not appear that they have reported how the suspect shared posts praising Black Lives Matter and Hitler, as well as made antisemitic statements and statements against the police, as well as threats against white people. Spencer based such Wednesday coverage about the suspect on instigative work from Andy Ngo.

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