Liberals Slander Melania Trump After Eloquent RNC Speech

Posted: Aug 26, 2020 6:30 AM
Liberals Slander Melania Trump After Eloquent RNC Speech

Source: Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

First Lady Melania Trump addressed the Republican National Convention (RNC) from the White House’s Rose Garden to conclude the convention’s second night of programming. 

The First Lady gave a heartwarming speech about the American dream and her family’s belief in it, in addition to a host of other issues facing Americans including the opioid and mental health crises. Mrs. Trump paid tribute to COVID victims and those who lost their loved ones to the virus. She took no time attacking Democrats, but rather exuded a positive outlook.

As should be expected, liberals on Twitter threw disparaging insults at the First Lady, even regarding her ability to speak English; she speaks 5 languages.

The First Lady's address was eloquent, compelling and gracious; but, because her last name is Trump, the Left gives her no credit.