Glenn Beck's 'Overton Window' Hits Top of NYTimes Bestseller

Posted: Jun 24, 2010 11:09 AM
Glenn Beck's latest book, a fiction thriller called The Overton Window, is slated to debut at #1 on the July 4th New York Times adult fiction bestseller list--Beck's sixth consecutive #1 NYT bestselling book.  The liberals are sure to cringe:

"I am extremely grateful to my audience and thriller fans for responding so well to The Overton Window."

According to Beck's publishing house, Simon & Shuster, Beck is the only author in history to have #1 NYTimes bestsellers debut on four different lists:

  • Hardcover fiction (The Overton Window and The Christmas Sweater);
  • Hardcover nonfiction (Arguing with Idiots and An Inconvenient Book);
  • Nonfiction paperback (Glenn Beck's Common Sense);
  • And children's picture book (The Christmas Sweater Picture Book).

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