Obama Doing Labor's Bidding

Posted: May 17, 2010 10:45 AM
An editorial from the Detroit News of all places:

In Barack Obama's Washington, a union card is a gold card. The president is skewing policy to give the 12 percent of the American work force belonging to a labor union 100 percent of the advantages.

Last week was a Groundhog's Day version of Christmas morning for Big Labor. The gifts just kept on coming:

• The president's executive order kicked in "strongly encouraging" federal agencies to award government contracts to those companies whose workers either belong to a union or offer union wages and benefits. The so-called project labor agreements will make it nearly impossible for non-union construction firms to compete for contracts.

Those that do win federal work will have to either hire union workers or abide by union work rules, including making contributions to the union health care and pension funds.

Taxpayers will pay more for the same work, and non-union workers will be dunned to pay the benefits of union members. There's no justification for the order in terms of efficiency, cost savings or quality of work. It's a straight reward to the unions that did so much to get Obama and a Democratic Congress elected.

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